Must-Try Halloween Make-up

The backdrop for the Halloween is scary yet fun and exciting. In fact, people enjoy decorating their homes with jack-o’-lanterns, floating attractions like bats, and of course, creepy cobwebs. In order to get in synch with the theme, both kiddos and adults don their best attire with matching make-up or masks. If you prefer the make-up, here are some Halloween make-up ideas to try out!

Top #3: Go Wednesday Addams

There is no need to put on bloody red color on your face. All you have to do is wear a black dress with sleeves and white collar. Next thing to do is work on appearing pale as if you are not shined by sunlight. This is possible by dusting your face and hands with white powder.

Top 2: Vampires

Vampires have become popular figures in movies. Simply make your skin appear pale by using face powder or a foundation of lighter shade. To make it more convincing, give emphasis to your brows and eyes using an eyeliner. Afterwards, wear that fake fangs and add some fake blood on the side of your mouth.

Top 1: Kitten Make-up for Kiddos

Make it fun for kiddos going on a trick or treat with a face paint of a kitten. Simply imitate that of kitten’s fluffy ears, tickling nose, and stern whiskers. Consequently, your kid would just look adorably cute!

Halloween make-ups are great additions for every costume. It makes the look more convincing to complement with the Halloween theme.


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