Finding the Right Hair Care

Hair care is so much more than shampoo and conditioner. Hair care is just as serious and varied as skincare, with just as many ways to target and treat any problems you might have. Hair and skin products are related in another way: the hair products you use can have a major impact on the state of your skin.

People are starting to be more aware of the effects that silicones, dimethicone in particular can have on the skin. Dimethicone is the ingredient in conditioners that gives the hair a silky, slippery feeling. In skincare, it makes the product easy to smooth out and makes the product feel perfectly powdery. Dimethicone can make your skin look great, but sometimes it can lead to breakouts. It gives the skin a blurred, poreless look by forming a barrier over the skin. It makes sense that this type of ingredient would lead to skin congestion. When used daily on hair, dimethicone forms a smoothing film that is very difficult to wash away. Your hair may feel smoother but it has really just been sealed inside a waxy barrier. Your hair's healthy appearance is purely cosmetic and not the result of improved health.

Fortunately, these are easy problems to fix! Professional barber and beauty supply brands such as Affirm are leading the charge with varied lines of silicone-free products. If you suffer from body acne and breakouts along your hairline, consider washing with silicone-free products for a while. You might be surprised at how quickly your blemishes clear up. Your hair may show visible improvements as well. Silicone-free conditioners are packed with healthy oils, antioxidants and other nutrients to repair and nourish your hair.

Another way to find silicone-free hair products is to look in the organic aisle. Natural brands pride themselves on staying away from silicones and other chemicals that can weaken your hair in the long run. These brands recreate the silky feeling of silicone products with rich ingredients like quinoa and oatmeal. They cling to the hair and infuse it with nutrients that make the strands thicker and stronger. The plant-derived oils in these products are naturally chock full of antioxidants that reverse damage at the cellular level and also work to prevent new damage before it occurs. These ingredients can even benefit your skin if they make contact. This is another reason why it's worthwhile to consider going silicone-free.

Do something positive and healthy for yourself by kicking your silicone hair products to the curb. You just might discover your new favorite shampoo!


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