Six Types of Panties Suitable for All Occasions

While you might wear a pair of thong panties when heading to the office or out on the town, most women do not wear this style every day of the week. Some of the different styles and types of panties for women are perfect for wearing with everything from a little black dress to your favorite pair of jeans.


One of the more popular types of panties is the simple thong. Made from lightweight material, it usually features a front panel that provides some coverage and a thinner piece of material that sits between your butt cheeks. Though similar to a thong, a g-string features even less fabric.


Briefs are the best option for women who want maximum comfort and coverage. These panties have a classic design that features a higher waist that sits at or on your belly button. You can choose between higher and lower cut legs for more or less coverage too.


Boyshorts are the female equivalent of boxer shorts. Each pair has a flat top that sits just beneath your belly button and legs with a lower cut. Though the design provides more coverage, many women love the way these panties hug their figures and how comfortable a pair feels.


High-cut panties serve as an alternative to traditional briefs. The design sits lower on your body and stops at just above your hip bones. Though the backs of high-cut panties are similar to the backs found on briefs, the fronts have higher cut legs.


The hipster is one of the newest types of panties, but it has a number of fans because of its comfort. Companies like Mamia panties design hispters to hug your curves and draw attention to your hips. The fabric sits close to your hips and has shorter leg openings that keep the panties from sagging.


The bikini is one of the top choices among young women because it looks similar to a pair of briefs but is much skimpier. Bikinis typically sit lower on your stomach than hipster panties do and have a standard length that fits more comfortably.

Whether you need panties to wear under a sheer skirt for a night on the town, or you want something comfortable to wear with jeans, you'll find some great types of panties that go with everything in your wardrobe in lingerie stores.


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