Why You Need to Undergo Skin Exfoliation

Early age of aging is a scary thing. Don't get me wrong, I am not afraid to grow old! But it's scary to look like 40's when I am still in your 30's! Opps - okay, I am close to my 40's na! Do I look like my age?  I tried to hide it though but I guess its evident in my face and body posture.  I hope not!

Skin exfoliation is important to to remove dead skin cells in our body. I was happy to be able to review Sugar Scrub by Amethy.



Here are some good points on why you need to undergo exfoliation:

  • Slow cell regeneration. It is a fact that as we age, cell regeneration slows down. The process of shedding dead skin cells is also affected. Hence, when the old skin cells pile up, your skin will definitely look dull and dry.

  • Prevent clogged pores.  One problem often experienced by women is pimples. This is quite troublesome especially when you are at the stage of wanting to flaunt your beauty. With exfoliation, this possibility is minimized or even taken out of the picture.

The human skin indeed has its own natural process of showing its beauty and glow. However, this function is diminished as the human body aged. So if you want to look younger and vibrant, maybe you just need an extra help and that is exfoliation.


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