Hey Ho Let’s Go! How to Dress like a Punk Rocker

Punk rockers know how to express themselves and their clothing is the most obvious outward way of doing so. For those individuals new to the punk scene, it may be difficult determine what is consider “punk” and what is not. The following tips and information will help you learn a bit more about what exactly punk clothing is and how to achieve the desired look.

Punks are Unique

Punks are well-known for their uniqueness and attitude, and they don’t worry about fitting into a certain predetermined mode. Because of this, you shouldn’t worry if your clothing doesn’t seem like the typical punk rock clothes worn by others. In fact, many punks reuse old clothing to create a one-of-a-kind outfit. Because of this, you may want to learn how to sew and even buy a sewing machine. This will allow you create your own unique clothing that fits with your specific punk style.

Punk Staples

While there are no hard and fast rules about how to dress when you identify as punk, there are a few “staples” that are a common sight in the wardrobes of punks. These staples include:

• Black leather jackets
• Ripped clothing with safety pins holding them together
• Punk band shirts
• Punk band patches
• Tartan (also known as plaid) print clothing
• Pants with embellishments, like zippers, metal rings, chains, etcetera
• Fishnets
• Doc Martens, T.U.Ks, Converse or Draven
• Studded or bullet belts, wristbands embellished with spikes, studs or stars
• Mohawk, spikey hair or dyed hair

Customize Old Clothing

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the punk style you desire. In fact, you can take those older clothes in your drawer and closet and give them a new punkish life with a few simple steps. For example, cut off the sleeves of a shirt or rip off a piece of the shirt and replace with another piece of fabric that is held together with some safety pins. You can also sew political or band patches on shirts, pants or jackets and even cut the back or neckline of the shirt differently. Distressing old denim by rubbing sandpaper over it or making cuts in it will give the fabric a punk-like appearance.


The best thing about being a punk is that there is no right or wrong way about it. If, however, you are determined to look the part, take some clothing cues from popular punk bands, such as Ramones, Sex Pistols and Black Flag.


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