Shaving conundrums no more

As a man, nothing in bathroom hygiene can be worse then realizing you are fresh out of shaving cream. When struck with this dilemma there are things that can be substituted in place of the missing cream.

One such thing is facial soap. Face soap, or hand soap if that's all you have, creates a perfect lather that allows your blade to easily slide across the face swiping away all of the unneeded hairs. These soaps also help clean the skin while leaving a pleasant scent.

Another way to combat the loss of your shaving lather, is good old fashioned H2O. Water may not be the most pleasant way of shaving, but if your only trying to cover up some 5 o' clock shadow, then biting the bullet and just keeping it simple with water is a very effective method.

Some soaps may also dull your blade, so be sure to stock up on your favorite razors to keep on hand. Visit to order ample shaving and hygiene tools to always be sure that you are ready to shave.

Now although these aren't the most sought after tricks, they do come in handy. The next time you realize your out of cream, just think about common-sense solutions around this hygiene conundrum.


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