High Fashion at a Low Cost Can Be Attained Easily, Here’s How

We all want to look like we make more than we actually make. It’s part of having confidence, knowing that you are looking your best and that you’re catching the eyes of those around you. Some of us have the money and can go shopping anywhere and at anytime to get what you want, but some of us need to do so on a limited budget. So for those of us working an hourly rate but who want the appearance of someone with money, what can we do? Take these tips for being the person you want to be, at least on the outside.

1. H&M for the Little Guy

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You may think you have to spend a ton of money on the highest fashion clothes at the mall; you may think you need to go to the outlets to get the clothes you really think you deserve at prices that fit in your budget. But even at the outlets the prices for the top clothing can be prohibitively expensive. The real secret is to go to H&M, a European retailer whose clothing looks fancy but is actually quite affordable. The quality on H&M clothing is a little sub par, which is why you’re paying less for it, but if you can live with the shorter shelf life on the clothes, you can have a higher fashion appearance for cheap.

2. Accessories and More Accessories

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One thing that separates the poor from the rich is the ability to accessorize. Poor people will only be able to afford the clothes on their back, whereas rich people can go crazy and outfit themselves with fancy jewelry and hair pieces. If you want the rich person appearance for the low cost, you can get the knock off versions of fancy stuff, like the cheap Rolexes you can get. Those look great, but cost anywhere from 5-10 bucks. The great thing is that even though they are knock offs, you can still get them repaired at a rolex service place like http://thewatchbuyersgroup.com so even though their quality is clearly worse, you can still have it last a long time. And they always look good.

3. Do It Yourself

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Have you ever looked at someone’s nice new pair of jeans that is totally ripped and shredded into pieces? Fresh off the rack, and it looks like they’ve had them since 1990 and worn them every day since. Yet it’s high fashion. Well, you don’t have to spend $150 on a pair of ripped jeans, you can distress and rip your own pair of jeans to be of the utmost highest fashion. You just need to rip them in the right places and then wash them a lot to get them to look worn and to have the natural fraying occur. It doesn’t take long for jeans to fray and get that worn look you’re looking for. You can use the same principle on your t-shirts, too, to get them worn and looking vintage and cool even if they’re fresh off the rack.


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