Aprons for the Hospitality Industry

When working in the food industry, it is important to wear protective clothing over standard uniforms. Wearing aprons is a tried and true means of protecting each wait person’s clothing as well as giving them a place to tuck change, tips and bills since most professional aprons have a generous pocket lining the front.

Hospitality industry professional companies, such as restaurants and catering companies that are looking for made in USA aprons will find a huge variety of attractive, useful and durable aprons for wait staff.

There is a variety of lengths, shapes and styles of aprons that work for different hospitality companies’ needs as well as meeting the needs of the wait staff or chefs. Waist aprons are, by far, the most popular type of aprons. Since they only cover a small portion of the server’s body, mostly at the waist and hip area, these aprons give staff the best mobility so they can move swiftly from one customer to the next, to the kitchen then to the cash register and back to the customer again.

Bistro aprons are longer and cover from the waist to the shins, which is helpful for chefs or those working with ovens. Bib aprons with pockets are great for busy chefs who need to worry about spills but also need to keep notes in their pockets.

No matter what type of apron restaurant managers are looking for, they can rest assured they are buying something that is durable and can take the abuse of multiple washes over long periods of time.


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