Wardrobe wonders for colder weather

Despite the first chimes of 2014 already becoming a somewhat distant memory, colder weather is still gripping much of the UK. For most, this means bundling up in cashmere jumpers, fluffy socks, billowing scarfs and woolly hats to keep out the cold.

Thankfully, a number of designers have taken the chilly spells into consideration, which means, there’s a variety of fashion pieces to choose from. Take The Row as a fine example. From roll-neck jumpers in pastille shades to oversized sweaters in flattering fabrics, looking on-trend when it’s cold outside has never been easier.

Dressing down?

Dressing down is common when colder weather occurs but those who wish to opt for a more sophisticated style while still staying toasty can do so through the use of clever tailoring.

Layering is certainly one option – when you arrive at your destination, simply remove scarves and outer jackets in order to reveal a dressier ensemble underneath.

A must-have piece

Another option is chunky knits. Big fluffy jumpers don’t always have to be worn with jeans and boots and when teamed with pencil skirts and heels, will work to create a chic style that offers plenty of warmth and comfort.

Alternatively, invest in a jumper dress and wear with opaque tights, heeled boots and a statement belt. A jumper dress is one of those extremely versatile pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe as it can also be teamed with flats and a longer jacket for an off-duty look.

A more casual approach

For men who prefer a more casual and care-free style, Tom Ford is a great designer to look to. His current collection comprises a number of casual pieces, yet attire that also boasts a luxurious edge as well as a tailored touch.

For women, it’s a very different story. Those who wish to stand out from the crowd will embrace this designer’s vivid creations which showcase hot pinks, tiger print patterns, fur and contemporary floral embellishments.

There really are no rules when it comes to Ford’s style and despite creating an abundance of warm and comfortable trousers, bomber jackets and long-sleeved tops, his pieces are anything but quiet!


Accessories are another way to add warmth to certain outfits and it’s up to you whether you go for plain and simple or bold and flashy. Fur hats, earmuffs in a variety of hot shades, scarves and gloves can all add the finishing touches to an outfit while making sure every part of your body is protected from the cold.


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