Trend alert: Harris Tweed

The fashion world is ever changing and new designers are constantly popping up offering something a little different. One brand that’s done particularly well over the past year is Harris Tweed.

In 2013, the company recorded its best year to date with an increase of 25% on orders. If you’re looking to keep your university wardrobe up to date then pay attention and get your hands on these fantastic trends!

Locally produced and extremely comfortable

One of the great things about Harris Tweed womenswear is the fact it’s created in Scotland. If you’re concerned with how your clothes are made, this is a particular advantage.

Even some of the top high street clothing stores have shocked the nation by using sweatshops in third world countries to manufacture the clothes they sell but this is not something Harris Tweed endorse.

Another advantage to this fashionable range is the fact it’s so comfortable. Comfort and fashion don’t always go hand in hand. So it’s refreshing to find a brand that offers both.

Hand woven by inlanders, the ladies range contains a great selection of jackets, skirts, trousers, hats, shawls and pumps. Creating a modern style, the tweed material comes in a wide variety of different colours.

There’s even the choice of having custom made clothing, which helps to provide you with the perfect fit.


Popular in the Japanese market

One of the reasons the company has become so popular in the UK over the past year is because of current Japanese exchange rates.

Up until recently, Harris Tweed was mainly marketed to the Japanese market. In October 2012, 150 Japanese people took part in a huge cycle ride kitted out in Harris Tweed clothing.

Still not convinced that tweed is a good investment? Would it change your mind if you knew huge stars were a fan of tweed clothing? Celebrities such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are massive fans of the material so if you like to follow their style, but not incur their price tags, then Harris Tweed could be just the brand you need.

Some of the most popular Harris Tweed ladies clothing designs to invest in include the ‘Morag’ jacket, the tweed trousers and the ‘Vivienne’ cape.

With the company looking to extend its UK market, more products are likely to be introduced in 2014. It’s definitely one of the best brands to be keeping an eye on if you want to stay bang on trend.

Get in there early and invest in a few key pieces before it becomes overly commercialised!



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