Timeless Fashion Picks for A Night Out

Going out on a Friday with some of your best girlfriends after several stressful days at work should get you all excited couple days into your work week. You’re looking forward to it, all the fun and bonding moments you’d have with your friends will make those hellish days at work disappear into thin air. But this would get you thinking of what you’d wear too! Deciding on a dress for your night out should be a breezy task, but most women get troubled with the choices they have to make. Take out that gorgeous Memorata heels by CLN (Celine) that you’ve just splurged on and pick out one timeless dress you can wear for a night out.

 photo memorata-by-cln-8383-818431-1-product.jpg

One Shoulder Dress – these are classy and feminine asymmetrical dresses which can be a bit formal with a longer hemline and a more contemporary look when it is shorter. Sequined or embellished one shoulder cocktail dresses go great with embellished stilettos to make your legs appear longer and sexier.

LBD’s – they never go out of style but they also evolve as designers try to recreate this classic with new finish and embellishments. You can find LBD’s in chiffon and lace finish but you can always glam up a classic with accessories such as a string of pearls or some diamond jewelry.

Strapless dresses – these are great choices for ladies with wonderfully toned arms and shoulders to show off. But of course, something that shows a lot of skin on the upper part should have a modest hemline so you won’t look cheap and easy.


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