Red and Gold Church Wedding

We attended a wedding in Dumaguete when we went there for vacation. We were all part of the entourage. The boys were Bible and Coins bearers while the girl was one of the flower girl. It was their first time attending such weddings. We live in the city and we don't have any close relatives and friends here. We are basically on our own.

The boys wore the usual Barong Tagalog with a red undershirt to match the color motif of the wedding. Attending such wedding, you should know the motif so you will coincide with the color of the wedding. We didn't buy the barong tagalog anymore as it is pricey for a one time use. Instead, the bride provided us with the rented Barong Tagalog for only Php 150.00 each. Not bad for the price right?

For the little flower girl, the bride provided her the complete set from the head dress to her flower girl dress down to the matching gold sandals. She looked beautiful - like a true princess as she fondly calls herself!

For the groom, instead of buying tuxedo vest and tie set which could be pricey, they rented it for Php 2,000. It was still expensive but buying it for one time used  is not practical. That complete set would peg around Php 7,000 to Php 10,000.



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