List of Make-up Colors for Your Eyes

One important aspect of wearing a make-up is right eye shade selection. If you think you are lost with a variant of options, fret no more. There is always a right color for every eye. Nonetheless, check this out!

  • Black eyes. For black eyes, pink, gold, copper, navy-blue, and plum colors will do.

  • Blue eyes. Perfect colors are red, orange, beige, bronze, and brown.

  • Green eyes. Eye shade colors include plum, purple, crimson, copper, and pink.

  • Hazel-brown eyes.  Orange, brown, blue-grey are perfect for hazel-brown eyes.

For every eye color, there is definitely the right shade that will complement to it. Simply pick up the right one and the rest will fall into their proper places.

This is my dilemma every time I put on makeup. My eyes are my best asset and as such, I want to complement it with the right color combination. I guess I have to get hurry now as hubby is already waiting for me. We need to purchase a new shure headphones.


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