Fashion Finds for the Upcoming Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is such a festive and loud event that encourage even non-Chinese to join in the celebration. Many Chinese believes that you should welcome the coming Lunar New Year with all their lucky symbols. Luckily for us busy women, shopping for fashionable and lucky items to celebrate this big event has never been this easy with online shops like Lazada PH. Browsing through the website, here some lovable finds for the Chinese New Year:

 Celine Percival Dress (Red) – first thing that got my attention from a long line of fashionable dresses because of its vibrant red color. Red is considered lucky by the Chinese and this dress looks quite comfortable as a day dress.

 photo celine-dress.jpg

 Alberto Wedge (Ouro-White) – I think this white and gold is a perfect match for the Percival dress. Gold is also considered as a lucky color by the Chinese because it symbolizes prosperity. Walking and wearing this pair will also be comfortable for this kind of event unlike if you go for a stiletto.

 photo alberto-wedge.jpg

 La Mer Gold Keys Women’s Watch – love the look of this piece. The black and gold combination is perfectly crisp and classy!

 photo la-mer-collections-watch.jpg

 Officine Handbag OBBB (Camel) – A lovely bag that goes well with the Alberto wedge shoes. It looks roomy and spacious without appearing bulky.

 photo officine-bag.jpg

 This is just a short list of my Lazada fashionable finds for the Chinese New Year. Everything I’ve chosen are pieces which I can mix and match with other items in my wardrobe. Even after the CNY I can still wear them proudly and fashionably!


  1. now that's the kind of watch I pretty!

  2. Like the handbag, will be a great gift for my SIL!


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