The six best things about the ‘90s revival

The 1990s brought us pop culture gems we still know and love, from the instantly recognisable Fresh Prince theme song to the teenage cry of 'Eat my shorts' when The Simpsons was in its prime. While many of us may be in denial that the '90s ever ended (there's just no way that Home Alone came out over 20 years ago), for others the fashion, music and television of that era has taken on retro-chic credibility. Here are six things to love about the '90s revival.

1. The fashion

From garish colours and skorts to platform wedges and dungarees, '90s fashion is back in style in a big way. The '90s aren't just inspiring current lines - vintage shops are seeing a huge surge of interest from customers willing to pay a premium for the real deal!

2. Rise of Girl Power

Little Mix are being hailed as this generation's Destiny's Child, and while the Spice Girls might be over, the tight harmonies and songs about more than just kissing the boys mean we're excited to see empowered women taking central stage once more.

3. Return of the boy bands

The One Direction mania is certainly a reminder of days gone by, when bands like Boyzone, 5ive and Backstreet Boys were pouring out of our cassette players. With tons of '90s bands reforming, we're excited to hear that the boys are back in town.

4. Weird and wonderful toys

Who could forget Beanie Babies and Pokémon cards? The toys and games of the '90s might seem low-tech now, but the new Furby has been given a 21st century revamp, complete with changing personality and an interactive app.

5. TV shows worth tuning in for

Thanks to the wonders of Netflix, generations are reliving their youth through the '90s TV shows they grew up with. When The Amanda Show and Buffy were the shows of your childhood, why would you want to watch anything else?

6. Movie remakes

Hollywood clearly agrees that '90s movies are great, with remakes of Carrie, Total Recall and even The Jungle Book hitting our screens. With so much going for this wild and wacky era, it's time to bring back the best bits of this daring decade.



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