Happy Holiday Hosting: Tips for Festive Christmas Jumper Parties

The Christmas jumper has finally managed to earn its rightful place amongst the fashion industry's growing obsession with all things vintage, and the super-ugly creations are now the hottest must-have item for this winter. Actors, models, and sports stars have all been snapped wearing their most hideous possessions, and high-street stores are struggling to keep up with increasing demand for the knitted eyesores. The recent surge in interest has led to a growing phenomenon known as the 'ugly Christmas jumper party' which is a modern take on the fancy dress theme. Guests are invited to wear their tackiest festive jumpers, and prizes are awarded for the most appalling designs. In order to host a fitting tribute to the 80s classic, you will need to make a few preparations to invoke some holiday spirit and ensure your night goes off with a bang.

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Let your guests know what to expect by taking a picture of your family in their best jumpers that will make the perfect background for your party invitations. Try to channel the creepy holiday cards of the 80s that featured big hair, forced grins and copious amounts of tinsel. Think Manson family meets Santa's workshop and you'll nail it.

Lay Down the Dress Code

Christmas jumpers are of course, mandatory, but the festive fashion doesn't have to end there. Christmas hats, Rudolph socks, mittens complete with idiot string, and plaid trousers are all welcome at an ugly jumper party. Presenting awards for the best efforts are also a great way to get into the party spirit, and categories can include most original, most offensive, most scary and most likely to get hauled off by the fashion police.

Set the Scene

Scour your local second-hand stores for any jumpers that can be cut up and used to make unusual decorations for your party such as banners, tablecloths or simply as an ugly wall hanging. Christmas decorations have become far more elegant and minimalist in recent years, so you may have to shop around for some appropriately tacky creations. Dancing Santas, spray-on snow, multi-coloured tinsel and homemade Christmas baubles will all work perfectly, and make sure you squeeze as many decorations as possible into every available space.

Plan the Nights Activities

Most Christmas parties in Britain involve laying out an obscene amount of alcohol and then sitting back and watching the events as they unfold. Why not break with tradition and have some party games prepared for your guests to enjoy? Christmas karaoke CDs can be purchased cheaply from most party stores and your guests can belt out their favourite Christmas carols for your entertainment. Have a list of questions prepared that test your guests' knowledge of Christmas movie trivia, and get them to split into teams for a 'pub quiz' style competition. A scavenger hunt is always a great icebreaker at parties, and having your guests perform silly tasks during the hunt will get everyone involved in the fun.

Immortalise the Evening

No ugly jumper party is complete without an ugly fashion show, and make sure you take plenty of pictures as each one of your guests does their best supermodel impressions. For a really authentic 80s vibe, track down an old polaroid camera and take a photo of each guest striking their cheesiest pose and then give them the photos at the end of the party as a keepsake to remember their night.

Ugly Christmas jumpers have become as much a part of the British holiday season as eggnog and Christmas pudding. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from including some modern variations with flashing lights, sound effects and 3D logos. Christmas jumpers started life as unwanted Christmas gifts that grandmothers often gave to their unsuspecting grandchildren. Now ugly jumpers have become the epitome of cool, and high street designers are in direct competition with each other to see who can create the most eye-wateringly awful designs. To make the most of your ugly jumper, choose one a few sizes too large and accessorise it with some contrasting brooches made from tinsel or other shiny material. Finish off the look with some appropriately cheesy Christmas earrings such as Christmas trees or sprigs of mistletoe. However you decide to wear your ugly jumper, do it with pride and feel happy that you are helping to revive one of the greatest fashion trends of the 80s.

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