Expand Your Winter Wardrobe: Seven Warm and Wonderful Ways to Wear Leggings

Leggings are typically associated with the 1980's fashion trend that occurred following the popularity of Flashdance (1983). However, leg warmers are making a comeback this season because of their fashionable and practical uses. In fact, here are seven ways to wear leggings this fall and winter to stay warm and chic:

1. With a jacket, blouse, and mini skirt.

If you want to keep up with this season's trends, you can wear a black-and-white printed skirt with dark blue and orange blouses and jackets. However, to make the most of your leggings, you should wear a shirt or jacket made from thick material. If you wear your leggings beyond the ankle boots, you can also help make your legs look longer.


2. With a fitted jacket and short dress.

To create a classy look, you can wear leggings with your short dress and jacket. Knitted dresses are especially popular and can be paired with knitted scarves, berets, and more. To help make your knitted pieces stand out and look fashionable, using red colors is ideal.


3. With a trench coat and short dress.

Wearing a trench coat with any attire is an excellent way of breathing new life into the set. When wearing leggings with a set that includes a short dress, you can use the leggings as tights. Depending on what colors and styles you choose, you can have fun with your leggings as well. No doubt, women's floral leggings add an interesting twist to the look.


4. With an oversized coat and sweater dress.

Wearing leggings with sweater dresses is a very popular fashion choice since leggings help to cover up your legs and prevent a look from becoming too revealing. With an oversized coat, you can give additional volume to your silhouette.


5. With a vest and sweater dress.

This season, fur vests are especially popular. However, if you aren't comfortable with wearing real fur, you can easily find faux fur vests to add to your wardrobe. By adding burgundy and brown colors to your vest, sweater dress, and leggings, you can add sophistication to your attire.


6. With a tweed coat and sweater dress.

If you want to create memorable looks, you can have a bit of fun with conflicting pieces. For example, you can use a romantic dress, cozy tweed jacket, leggings, and biker boots to really stand out. By creating edgy and stylish looks, you will certainly make a statement at any social gathering.


7. With a cardigan and long top.

Depending on the leggings that you choose, they could look like skinny jeans. Unfortunately, skinny jeans may not work well for everyone. Luckily, you can make the look less sporty by wearing long skirts and cardigans. By dressing in layers, you can maintain an updated and stylized look no matter how you choose to wear leg warmers.

With these seven tips, you can easily stay warm and stylish when wearing leggings. Whether you are lounging around the house or spending a night out, leg warmers can be used to add life to your attire.

Marcus Anderson has worked in the fashion industry for many years now. When he's not sending models down the runway, he's blogging about the hottest trends online.


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