Swish: Longer Lasting Fresh Breath Without the Sting!

Dental hygiene is essential if you want longer lasting fresh breath. With the busy routine you have and varying eating habit, you’ll realize that brushing alone is never enough! Using a mouthwash after every brushing can give you that longer lasting fresh breath so you’d be confident to deal with people all throughout the day. Some foods can cause unpleasant smell in your mouth but you can’t do without garlic, onions and others, good thing, there is now a less stingy mouthwash that you can use anytime you need.

Swish Alcohol-Free mouthwash has cool and exciting flavors that give you an overall mouth clean without the sting! Some more-expensive mouthwash brands cannot does not have these cool flavors and rely on alcohol to give you a fresh feeling. Swish on the other hand has a Surefresh Technology that kills odor causing bacteria, prevents plaque, tooth decay and gum problems. Depending on your choice, Swish has specific minty freshness levels along with their flavors. Those who wish something stronger can go for their Cinnamon Blast or Artic Chill variety. Should you wish something minty, you can try the Mangosteen Mint. I tried this before and its sure click on my taste!


Aside from that cool and fresh feeling, Swish also is very affordable compared with other mouthwash brands. You’d feel really good using Swish and love the longer-lasting fresh breath it brings for a cheaper cost! To be updated with their new offerings, visit their website at http://www.unilab.com.ph/consumers/.

They are also in other social media sites like :

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Unilab

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unilab_ph

Instagram: http://instagram.com/unilab

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/unilabph


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