Save That Shirt

Save That Shirt

The idea of throwing a perfectly good, and sometimes expensive shirt away can be awful. Once oil mixed with dirt have set in the collar is ruined. Pit stains are embarrassing, and one never can really get rid of the deep down odor. The exceptional inventors for have developed an option that overcomes all the battles to fight nasty, stinky, stains.

Save that shirt from the trash by placing collar protectors on the inside of the collar line. The stick on collar protector comes in a convenient ten foot roll and makes application easy and affordable. Just peal off before the laundry and no more fighting ring around the collar. Save money and frustration by never even dealing with the ugly stains ever again.

Have you ever ironed a shirt with underarm odor that won't go away. Disgusting is the word. The odor is locked in tight. Garment guard disposable underarm shields will have one singing all day long at never having to deal with nasty armpit stains again. The black or beige shield is made of 100% cotton and are the best ever made in the industry. Protecting the shirt and the self esteem from embarrassing wet rings will have you stocking up on Garment Guards. They simply stick to the armpit area of the shirt and absorb the bacteria filled sweat. No more expensive amped up antiperspirants, and saving money with the cleaners is going to increase the value of Garment Guards.

It's nice to know someone is looking out for our best interest when it comes to saving our wardrobes from becoming nasty and stained. The research has been done for what really works. Stop wasting money on products that will let you down. The cost is not worth it. Keeping these affordable options available will save money and time from fighting a loosing battle. Nip the problem in the bud by putting a comfortable soft barrier between you and the shirt. Scrubbing can ruin the integrity of the garment. Both collar and garment guards are going to stop oil, sweat, and odor causing bacteria from ever touching the material. Stick it to the stains that make you mad by using these easily applied products. Check out and save that shirt!


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