Jacket Trend That Stays

Fashion come and goes but there are trends that stay and stick whatever season because they are well loved and comfortable. While you can expect vintage styles, burst of colors and sometimes crazy fashion styles to pop every now and then, you can go for the most practical classy clothing that have always stood the test of time. Sheepskin bomber jacket especially those authentic, short waist length kind modeled on those issued to bomber pilots of the World War II is something that will never go out of fashion.

These days, women are more experimental when it comes to their clothing choices. They mix and match crazy pieces and colors. You can see women wearing studded or flowery dresses topped with military or motorcycle jackets for work or for a day at the mall. Bomber jackets also help achieve the same by tampering the girly style with a bit of boyishness. Today’s flight jackets are a lot more stylish but are readily adapted from the original thick leather jackets with sheepskin lining to pilots warm. Interest in these stylish jackets are not only limited to women, men are especially love these because it makes them look really masculine and hot – much like the way Tom Cruise was in the movie Top Gun!


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