Pretty Little Princess in Pettiskirts and Matching Bows

Pretty Little Princess in Pettiskirts and Matching Bows

There is simply nothing sweeter than a little girl in a frilly pettiskirt with a hair bow to match. At Lady Charm Online you will find the perfect pettiskirt wholesale as well as a wide selection of many other darling clothes and beautifully matched accessories that will please every little girl on your list. You have got to see these charming little pettiskirts, tutus, and sets. The fabric used is all top rate. The workmanship is of the highest quality. And in addition to all that the wholesale prices simply cannot be beat.

The pettiskirts are available in a wide array of colors, styles, and prints. Some of the most popular are the animal prints. What little girl would not be delighted with fetching cheetah with hot pink trim and ribbons at the waist and hot pink ruffled trim at the hem line? Also choose from a beautiful giraffe print with rich dark brown trim and ribbon at the top and the same dark brown netting trim at the bottom. Both of these stylish pettiskirts come in sizes 0-2, 2-4, and 4-6. Picture little sisters in these matching darling pettiskirts. Another favorite pettiskirt is the black and white leopard print and pretty turquoise trim.

The only thing that could make a pettiskirt or tutu look even better on your little miss would be one of the matching wholesale hair bows. These bows offer you so many wonderful choices, it will be hard to decide which ones to buy first. One of the top choices for mom’s and aunt’s and grandma’s and friends is also one of the favorites of the little girls. This is the large hair bow (025) with pink and purple ribbons, some with polka dots and some plain. The beautiful bow is then set off with a perfect purple feather.

Other hair accessories include pretty smaller bows in an array of colors, such as blue, white, grey, yellow, pink, white, orange tang and more. These reasonably prices bows come in sets of 12 bows of one color. You’ll also find pink and black bows to match the pink and black cheetah pettiskirt, and large hair bows with polka dots and feathers. You’ll want to see them all. Find out more here, at


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