The Prom Season is Coming!

It’s January and though the holiday season just ended, many students in high school are now excitedly preparing for the next big thing – Prom! Way back, I really don’t have a lot of choices when it comes to prom dresses. My mom simply called her friend dressmaker and had my measurement. It’s a little embarrassing for many of us recalling how horrible we looked back then, but it was really fun and what we wore are actually the height of fashion then. These days, prom seasons still evoke the same excitement and agitation for young ladies I know. My lovely niece in South Carolina is presently at lost on what to wear and where to search for the perfect prom dress.

We told her to search online for dress shops and even bridal shops in Anderson SC  so that she can visualize what she would really want to wear on her prom. Sometimes, bridal shops make bridesmaid dresses that are also fitting for a prom queen. Dimitra designs for instance have a special set of prom dresses that are so gorgeous and on trend! Their long list of designers definitely has some prom dresses fitting for my lovely niece. That’s one less worry for her this prom season, all she needs now is the right make up and some accessories and she’s all set!


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