Wedding Bands Designed for the New Age Man!

The marketplace carries a vast and diverse selection of men's wedding bands. Hundreds of different styles of wedding bands are available, including various materials, widths, colors, engravings, gemstones, etc. Wedding bands may be sold separately or as matching wedding band sets for the bride and groom.

 Some of the wedding band colors include: yellow, white, black, and rose; while different finishes to the metal include matte, satin, flat, and polished. The selection of wedding ring widths for men is staggering, with 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, etc. up to 10mm. Also available are wedding bands that combine colors and finishes into one ring, which can satisfy the preferences of men that are undefined by one single style.

The collections of wedding bands for men include numerous options of material. Titanium is a strong, lightweight metal that gives a ring a modern look. Another option is tungsten, which is the hardest existent metal that resists scratches. Manufacturing of tungsten rings takes up to five times longer than conventional metal rings, and tungsten is an ideal choice of metal for men that are frequently active and work with their hands. Perhaps the most traditional wedding band metal gold is available as well, typically in a selection of 14K and 18K white and yellow gold.

Also available are collections of rings in platinum; one of the most valuable metals in the world. Palladium, which is another option, is whiter than white gold and yet has a comparable weight. Consequently, it is an optimal material of choice for those allergic to gold alloy. Its gleam also resembles that of platinum but at a lower cost. Silver is another optional material for a relatively lower price as well. Certain rings, such as those in a Celtic collection, also come in cobalt.

To appeal to all tastes, jewelry craftsmen manufacture a wide array of styles of men's wedding bands. One such style is the diamond wedding band, with one or more stones set into the ring. As the hardest substances in existence, diamonds on a wedding band symbolize a marriage's strength and eternity. Classic plain wedding bands are another style, adorned with little or nothing. With Milgrain edges essentially being the only decoration available on plain bands; but some other variations of plain rings come in options such as dome, flat, or comfort-fit centers.

Braided wedding bands are hand-woven by their manufacturer and symbolize two lives intertwining in marriage. Two-toned and tricolor rings combine white metal with yellow, rose, or black metal to create a style that is easy to match with various other accessories. Contemporary rings typically have smooth surfaces and intricate designs to suit the modern taste.

Carved rings are made by hand or by a laser, and many of the unique wedding bands are set with crystals. Designer rings and Celtic rings, which carry cultural, symbolic meanings; and Christian rings, which can demonstrate a belief in the religious sanctity of marriage, are yet additional style options. Indeed, the selection of men's wedding bands available in the marketplace contains nearly endless possibilities.


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