Remembering Top Gun Fashion

Have you ever watched the Movie Top Gun before? Tom Cruise is definitely smokin’ in there and it was one of his most popular films ever! Aside from the touching storyline, it was also a movie that was full of adrenaline rushing stunts. I always look forward to watching the film during movie marathons. My younger friend would wonder at the fashion trend during those times and always say that fashion trends always do come back after a couple of years. And I do agree with that, aviator shades has never even left the fashion scene and always stayed as a hot piece of accessory all year round.

As for the hair styles, I don’t think women these days could still stand the same big hairdo’s that once were so popular. The clothing is tolerable I guess, but designers have also been redefining clothing styles from the different fashion era. Today, women have been sporting trendy aviator jackets patterned from those classics that actors from the movie Top Gun have used handsomely.  It still feels giddy watching Top Gun and seeing Tom Cruise every time. Even if he wears the lousiest clothes from the worse fashion era, he’d still look hot don’t you think?


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