Children's Eye Care: When is the time to Visit an Eye Doctor

Children's Eye Care: When is the time to Visit an Eye Doctor


Good vision is important for the success of a child as they enter school age years. About 80 percent of everything children learn is through their eyes, and if their vision is not perfect they won’t be able to do well academically. As kids progress in their school, there is an increased stress on their eyes. Therefore, it is very important for you to start monitoring your child’s health much before they enter their classroom.

The visual abilities of a child become more and more fine tuned between the age of two to five years. This is also the time when their visual problems may start developing. Lazy or crossed eyes are problems that can be easily spotted, but around 16 percent of all preschoolers have some kind of visual problems, and most of the kids of that age do not voice their problems about their eyesight.

You should keep an eye for the following signs that may indicate that your child has vision problems:

* Difficulty in recognizing shapes, colors, numbers and letters

* Much shorter attention span for the kids of their age

* Sitting quite close to TV, or holding a booking close to their eyes

* Difficulty with their hand body coordination

* Squinting

Most of the parents get their child examined when it’s bit too late. Either they develop something not easily curable, or their vision impairment has turned worse. This could have been averted if check up was done earlier. Therefore, it is the responsibility of parents to bring their kids to children’s optometrist for a complete vision and eye check as early as they can before they begin with their school to monitor and ensure proper development of their eyes, and treat any issues before it’s too late. In fact, teachers should also encourage parents and students, or guardians alike to get regular eye check up and also tell them about the significance of good vision development.

So by the time your child turns three, you should make an appointment with an optometrist for children for a comprehensive eye check to ensure that their eyes are developing properly and there are no signs of any disease. With latest diagnostic tests, there is no need for child to know about alphabets or to be able to read for an eye exam. You can help your child’s visual development by engaging in simple activities like hand eye coordination games, or playing catch, memory games, reading, or interacting with other kids.


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