Solutions For Sticky and Stinky Situations

Solutions For Sticky and Stinky Situations

Are you having issues fitting into your bra? Want to avoid unsightly, sweaty armpit stains, not to mention lower the costs of your dry cleaning bills and reduce your amount of laundry? The following products are a sure fire way to keep these problems at bay. All of these products can be ordered from Solutions That Stick, an innovative online company that features quirky and always-effective solutions to conquer your grossest or most embarrassing problems.

It happens. A woman gains a few pounds and suddenly, struggles to close her bra. Not only is she having trouble securing it, but also once it’s closed, she’s left struggling for breath and now has visible rolls of fat on her back. If only there was away to add some wiggle room to a bra. The Brah! Extender is exactly that – a bra extender created to give the wearer extra room in the back area, making it more comfortable and reducing the visibility of fat on your back. It’s as easy as hooking the Brah! Extender to the hooks on your bra and putting it on as you normally do. Voila! Back fat is gone and you can breathe again! Product comes in a three pack, with white, black and nude extenders, to match any color bra in you drawer. To purchase these bra extenders please visit SolutionsThatStick.

Armpit stains are an issue that can ruin a good night out, not to mention destroy a favorite shirt or dress. If you are searching for a great way on how to prevent pit stains from happening, check out Garment Guard. These disposable pads are fully made from natural cotton and avoid the need to over apply chemical filled deodorants or antiperspirants. Garment Guards, which are available in black and natural colors, stick comfortably in the armpit area of your clothing. Pop one on and say goodbye to stinky pits, discolored shirts, and high dry cleaning bills. Visit Solutions That Stick for Garment Guard and all of your stinky and sticky situations.


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