Dress to Impress with Jewelry

Dress to Impress with Jewelry

 AmericanCoinTreasures.com is an amazing site with wide varieties of old silver coins and unique gold coin collections. It also has a barrage of items that range from Civil War Stamp collections to silver tone money clips completely layered in gold.

If you are an avid collector and you appreciate fine displays of early to current minted coins click to see countless items for purchase. The collection of 50 silver coins is set in a handcrafted wooden chest and is an exquisite example of rare and historic coins; some minted over 50 years ago. Most of these are from WWII era but there is one included from World War I. This is a fine starter set or an ample addition to your already established collection and will come with a certificate of authenticity.

Also visit our website at American Coin Treasures for unusual and cherished treasures like the U. S. Minted Coin and Stamp collection slated as “America Goes to War.” This collection contains coins issued during each of countries wars beginning with World War l through to the War in Iraq. The stamps in this collection are all in absolute mint condition and specifically chosen for their historic significance.

Or, be enthralled by the Civil War Coin and Stamp collection which features a reproduction of the New York Times front page of April 4, 1865 as the back drop to Lincoln Bicentennial Pennies, Lincoln Union Shield Penny and Four Commemorative Civil War postage stamps. A certificate of authenticity is included.

The jewelry offered at American Coin Treasures usually consists of a fine silver coin inlayed in an ornamental design of gold or silver. One of these is a pendant of a 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition Commemorative Quarter Eagle which is layered in 24 k gold. A JFK half dollar key chain silver plated and the Silver Mercury Dime Coin Watch are two more example of historic coins preserved in rich and elegant jewelry.

Other distinguished examples of technology combining history into a beautiful works of art are the many offerings of cuff links, money clips, watches, brooches, and even Christmas wreaths featuring Kennedy half dollar.

Browse our site for US Minted proof coin sets all of which maintain the characteristics of twice struck coins giving them their mirror-like finish and superb detail. Every one of these items is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity as are all of the treasures found on every page of the site.


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