Disguise Your Figure Flaws With These Tricks

Whether you are a thin woman who wears a size 2 or a woman who wears womens plus size clothing, you probably think you have figure flaws.  Whether you actually have these flaws can be debated, but to feel comfortable, playing up your best assets is necessary while disguising your flaws.

Here are some ways to accentuate your shape:

1.  Wear clothes that fit properly.  Almost no one looks good in big, baggy clothes.  Don't be afraid to wear clothing that fits comfortably and hugs your curves, no matter what curves you have.   Wearing reasonably form-fitting clothes that are not skin tight will make you look more attractive.

2.  Use shapewear.  If you are conscious of your figure, use shapewear to smooth places you don't like.  Spanx are a big business because they help women disguise their figure flaws such as a little excess around the middle or around the ribs.

3.  Make sure your undergarments fit properly.  The majority of women wear the wrong size bra.  Even if you find it embarrassing, visit a shop to get a bra fitting to determine the correct size that you wear.  The consultant can also help you find the best style bra for you.  You'll be amazed how different your figure looks when you are wearing undergarments that fit properly.

4.  Find the best style clothing for your figure.  Just as women come in all shapes and sizes, there are clothes that come in all styles.  What style works best for you?  Hillary Clinton, for instance, is often seen in pant suits.  If you have seen her in dresses, she has thick ankles and chooses to hide them behind pant suits that flatter her shape.  Now they are her signature style.

Even if you find flaws with your figure, there are ways to accentuate your shape and play up your assets while playing down those traits you don't like no matter what your size or shape or age.


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