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Disguise Your Figure Flaws With These Tricks

Whether you are a thin woman who wears a size 2 or a woman who wears womens plus size clothing, you probably think you have figure flaws.  Whether you actually have these flaws can be debated, but to feel comfortable, playing up your best assets is necessary while disguising your flaws. Here are some ways to accentuate your shape: 1.  Wear clothes that fit properly.  Almost no one looks good in big, baggy clothes.  Don't be afraid to wear clothing that fits comfortably and hugs your curves, no matter what curves you have.   Wearing reasonably form-fitting clothes that are not skin tight will make you look more attractive. 2.  Use shapewear.  If you are conscious of your figure, use shapewear to smooth places you don't like.  Spanx are a big business because they help women disguise their figure flaws such as a little excess around the middle or around the ribs. 3.  Make sure your undergarments fit properly.  The majority of women wear the wrong size bra.  Even if you find it em

Fashion tips for kids

As the kids enjoy their childhood with little plays and fun, you also need to make sure that their fashion sense will not be left unturned. Your kids need to have a fashion statement like no other and something that can boost their self-confidence even at an early stage. So, for you to achieve this why not consider some fashion tips for kids listed below? Keep it simple and comfortable Make sure that what your kids wear is appropriate for his/her age Pick the right color for the season Let them shop with you Your kids should have the best childhood ever and some ways to make it happen is to let them play and experience the world of fashion.

Spring and Summer 2013 Hairstyles Straight from the Runways

Are you just as ready to change up your look as you are ready for warm weather? Look no further than the spring/summer 2013 runways. Be a trendsetter; go ahead and try out the hairstyles and beauty looks for next season! The “Nighttime Braid” Looking for a hairstyle to accompany your holiday cocktail dress? Tired of wearing your hair either up or down? Try a braid (or two) like the ones models sported on the runway at Tory Burch. The look at Burch’s show, inspired by the “prairie girl”, was two pulled-apart fishtail braids, one on the front, and one braid pulled behind the shoulders to the back. To get the look, Burch’s stylist said: “Take a piece of hair, split it into two and then take a third piece of hair from the outside and put it into the inside. From the left, from the right, from the left, from the right — and you just follow that pattern. It takes about 10 minutes to do one so you need strong fingers.” This hairstyle looks far more complicated than it is, and your plaits will

Curves at the Right Places

There’s a famous saying that goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” yet a lot of women still find themselves lacking in the beauty category. It’s not that they are not beautiful, they just want to improve their looks for different reasons. Because of this, many plastic surgery and aesthetic clinics came out to cater to this need of many. At first it was just with women, but soon men have also became clients of plastic surgery procedures to change or improve their appearance. Still women are the popular clients of different plastic surgery procedures. For women of course, having the right curves at the right places means that they have great bodies and they can be confident with their looks. Many considers aesthetic procedures such as fat transfer to expensive and dangerous, but these days more and more women are turning to this type of procedure to get the right curves at the right places. It’s only something for the vain but also for those who want the right to wear gorgeous clo

Dress to Impress with Jewelry

Image  is an amazing site with wide varieties of old silver coins and unique gold coin collections. It also has a barrage of items that range from Civil War Stamp collections to silver tone money clips completely layered in gold. If you are an avid collector and you appreciate fine displays of early to current minted coins click to see countless items for purchase. The collection of 50 silver coins is set in a handcrafted wooden chest and is an exquisite example of rare and historic coins; some minted over 50 years ago. Most of these are from WWII era but there is one included from World War I. This is a fine starter set or an ample addition to your already established collection and will come with a certificate of authenticity. Also visit our website at American Coin Treasures for unusual and cherished treasures like the U. S. Minted Coin and Stamp collection slated as “America Goes to War.” This collection contains coins issued during each of countries wars begi

How to Take Care of your Leather Bags

Did you know that leather bags are the end product of diligence and fixed craftsmanship? Yes they are and they deserve to be treated with extra care. Here are some tips in caring for leather bags : It is better to only hold your bags when your hands are clean Use a leather cleaner and brush Use moisturizers to keep your bag lithe Remove stains immediately before it dries and sticks Use a bubble wrap to maintain its beauty Taking good care of leather bags is important because they are priceless investment that you can use whenever possible.

Early Shopping for Summer

Being in the land of tropical islands, there’s no right time for shopping for summer outfits and swimwear. We have beaches and pools calling out on us all year around so it’s really not so early to shop for a new swimwear even if it’s still December. Your closest girlfriends will actually love receiving new summer wear such as cover ups, beach dresses and monokinis in a hot summer color! Monokinis are actually better choices because they look good on any body types. If you are not sure about two piece bikinis and tankinis, a monokini is your best bet. This type of swimwear is definitely sexier and hides all the unnecessary parts that you don’t want people to notice. Monokinis have grown in popularity because it provides more option than the ordinary one piece swimsuits, plus they certainly have bolder designs that fashionable women go for. You can choose from a wide selection of cuts and designs from popular brands as well as from cheaper alternatives. So whether it’s for your own use

Holiday Fashion for Less

Have you started shopping for your holiday wardrobe yet? This season, parties and events will surely fill your calendar and schedule. It only means that you need to prepare several sets of dresses that you’ll use for different occasions. You don’t want to be caught wearing the same dress in parties that are one week apart! Well there are clothes and dresses that you can recycle from the last Christmas but if you can shop for less, better take advantage of some my deals around you and get holiday fashions items with discounted prices. The use of vouchers and my deals coupons became a hit with the huge discounts and savings they offer to customers. Who wouldn’t want to save 50 to 70 percent off the regular prices using these coupons and codes? This season, you don’t need to spend a lot to get all the holiday fashion items you want, simply search for the best my deals on clothing and apparel discounts and get them for much less! Holiday fashion is hot and exciting, but it should not als

Bags style-file 2012

If you are picky when it comes to fashion, then you will certainly agree with me that chic and stylish bags style can complete one’s style and fashion statement. Now, if you are running out of option when it comes to trendy bags, then you perfectly stumble with this page as the types of classy and fashionable bags are listed in here. Hobo bag . This is perfect for shopping and has enough compartments that will let you put things on it. Doctor’s bag . As the name suggests, this is similar to a doctor’s bag and is commonly made up of strong leather. This is perfect for women who want to look smart and sexy while going to work. Wristlet . This is a little clutch that you can carry with a lesser number of things on it and is perfect for a party. Messenger bag . A small and cute bag that looks super chic for girls who wear skirts and jeans. Minaudière. A rich-studded bag adorned with stones and metals. This is chic and perfect for party-goers.   Like shoes and diamonds, chic and

November Cetaphil Giveaway

In cooperation with Pinay Green Mommy and Hair and Beauty Regimen , we are launching our November Cetaphil Giveaway for our dear readers.   Prizes for 1 Winner: 1. One (1) Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer, SPF 15, 118 ml 2. One (1) Cetaphil Daily Advance Ultra Hydrating Lotion, 85g, 3. One (1) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, 250 ml Giveaway Mechanics: 1. Just follow the instructions stated at the Rafflecopter. 2. This giveaway is open to everyone with Philippines address. Participants abroad can join provided they have a Philippines address. 3. Winner will be notified after the giveaway. You have 3 days to confirm receipt of the email and through this blog, failure to advise your mailing address will be considered forfeited and a new winner will be drawn. 4. Easy peasy instructions right? a Rafflecopter giveaway Note: All statements and opinion contained herein are those of the editors and original authors and independent of the sponsors.

An Overview of Aquaculture and Hydroponics

Aquaculture is among the more beneficial form of gardening. When looking to put together a quality garden, people usually have to have soil in order to plant the various plants they want to grow. However a method known as  hydroponics  is one way in which you can put together a quality garden without needing soil. With this method people will be able to grow plants using nutrient solutions. They will be able to do this by only using water. This was a method that was devised in the 18th century so it has been around for a while. There are many advantages to using this particular gardening method. The first advantage is that you don’t need to use soil. The next advantage is that water stays in the system and can be used again which will lower water costs. Gardeners will also be able to control nutrition levels and lower nutrient costs as well. Due to this being a controlled system, no nutrition pollution is put into the environment. People also get high yields that are stable. Another ad

Store it Right with Cabinets Direct

When looking through a house, whether to buy or otherwise, one of the first things we tend to look at is the cabinets, not only to figure out how much storage space we have but also what kind of space we have available to us. The kitchen is probably one of the biggest concerns for this need, especially for the many pots and pans that customers need to store. Whether you decide to pay someone to assemble a new set of cabinets or you choose to do the job yourself,  finding discount kitchen cabinets  at a steal is always the best feeling in the world. As one of the leading choices for online cabinets, they specialize in a variety of options for your cabinet needs. Once it has been determined what course of action you will be taking, you should contact the professionals at Cabinets direct to see what choices you have available to you. Spending a little time as you browse through their extensive inventory, you will be able to see things from a different point of view, one that may change th

Solutions For Sticky and Stinky Situations

Are you having issues fitting into your bra? Want to avoid unsightly, sweaty armpit stains, not to mention lower the costs of your dry cleaning bills and reduce your amount of laundry? The following products are a sure fire way to keep these problems at bay. All of these products can be ordered from Solutions That Stick, an innovative online company that features quirky and always-effective solutions to conquer your grossest or most embarrassing problems. It happens. A woman gains a few pounds and suddenly, struggles to close her bra. Not only is she having trouble securing it, but also once it’s closed, she’s left struggling for breath and now has visible rolls of fat on her back. If only there was away to add some wiggle room to a bra. The Brah! Extender is exactly that – a bra extender created to give the wearer extra room in the back area, making it more comfortable and reducing the visibility of fat on your back. It’s as easy as hooking the Brah! Extender to the hooks on your bra

Best Types of Tattoo Clothing to Get

There are many types of clothing that a person and buy and wear. These types of clothing includes shirts, pants, coats and footwear. When it comes to wearing clothes one of the more unique types of clothing available is one that has a tattoo theme. With tattoo clothing consumers will be able to wear various clothes that have designs very reminiscent of an actual tattoo. For people who like to dress in a rather unique way, they will benefit from tattoo clothing. Fortunately for consumers there are many types of clothing and many places where you can get tattoo clothing. You can buy this at various retail stores and also online as well. Tattoo clothing can be bought in the form of shoes, pants, and jackets. With all of these options in mind, people looking to wear tattoo clothing will have plenty of opportunities to dress in this particular apparel. One of the most common types of clothes that you can get a tattoo design is shirts. With shirts people will have a form of clothing that wil