Give Your Company an Eco-Friendly Reputation

Give Your Company an Eco-Friendly Reputation

Many companies have certain small products that they use for free promotional giveaways at trade shows and other similar events. Pens, mugs, stationary and the like are often seen at every business booth of an industry trade show or public event where potential customers may be swayed by a free useful products with a company logo and contact information on it. But these items can also be a secret nuisance. Many of them wind up in the trash and because of their low cost and bulk production they are almost certainly harmful to the environment. The plastics are not biodegradable and sometimes they contain dangerous chemicals. It helps businesses buy tons of them for cheap to give away but it is not helping the environment, and consumers are starting to take notice.

To reach out to those potential clients who are concerned about the environmental impact of the products they use you need a promotional item that can be seen as eco-friendly while still being unique enough to get attention and cheap enough to buy in bulk for larger giveaways. Something like an awesome custom lanyard from CustomEarthPromos fits the bill perfectly. These lanyards provide the traditional uses such as keyring and detachable carrying loop but they also add a unique eco-friendly touch to the product. All of them are made only from recycled and sustainable materials like recycled plastic or organic cotton. They are strong enough to last through even tough use and thanks to organic dyes can be colored with whatever your company needs and printed with a number of logo and text styles. At less than one-dollar a piece the price is no different than traditional pens or lanyards but the positive environmental impact is huge and sure to be noticed.

For those looking for more unique promotional items, an amazing BPA free bottle is the perfect thing. These bottles may not be suited for huge bulk orders, but are great for smaller events or specialized giveaways to groups of people. They have re-seal-able and reusable qualities of normal drinking bottle but contain none of the dangerous BPA chemical that makes traditional plastic so dangerous in landfills and garbage dumps. Like any other bottle the color scheme is up to you and logos and other additions are completely customizable. Recipients will enjoy being able to wash and reuse their bottle and the environmentally-conscious will take note of how eco-friendly such a product is, making an instant positive impact on your company as a whole.


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