The Best Sunglasses for the Working Woman

The career woman has a busy life. Beyond making sure she is doing well at her job and moving up the corporate ladder, many career women also have a second job as wife and mother at home. This can leave precious little time for much else, especially when it comes to keeping up with the latest trends and fashions.

A great tip for any working woman is to spend more time focusing on accessories. Having a classic wardrobe can make life much easier in terms of getting ready to go on a busy morning, but it leaves many feeling somewhat uninspired at times. That’s exactly where accessories come into play. Add in a pop of colour, a bit of excitement and you have taken your outfit to a new level with very little fuss.

One perfect accessory for adding a bit of fun into your wardrobe are with sunglasses. Of course, sunglasses have a very specific purpose and usefulness, but they can also be quite fashionable as well. Many working women love to have a few pairs of sunglasses at home to coordinate.


A pair of aviators is perfect for a casual day at the park with the family, or a sporty pair can make all the difference when out jogging or hiking. Women also love to make a statement with a great classic pair of Jackie O style sunglasses, which of course never go out of style. And it can never hurt to have a pair that fits in with the trends of the time, such as the retro wayfarers that are popular now.

It is amazing how just the addition of a simple pair of sunglasses can make all the difference in a wardrobe or day heading to the office. A pair of bright coloured cat eye sunglasses can add a lot of whimsy on a day where a working woman might have to be dressed in her best power suit for a big client meeting. The possibilities really are endless.

Make sure to keep your sunglasses protected and in their case when not in use, this will not only help the sunglasses last longer, but can also keep sticky little fingers away from leaving marmalade fingerprints on the lenses!

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