How You Can Prevent Baldness

Baldness had been men’s main problem since time immemorial since it is actually a normal part of aging. However, if it occurs in an earlier stage, it can cause distress and anxiety to people.


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The good thing is, there is already a cure for baldness. Following is the list of tips on how you can prevent baldness.

  • Take a cup of lettuce and spinach juice every day.

  • Use combined coconut oil and lime juice in your hair.

  • Apply mustard oil boiled with henna leaves.

  • Massage your hair with a paste from red gram or pigeon pea.

  • Apply hot olive oil, cinnamon and honey to your hair for 15 minutes before taking a bath.

  • Using castor oil can help moisten your scalp and get rid of dry hair.

All of these natural ways in preventing baldness is effective and safe. So why not start practicing all of these and get a healthy hair?


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