Hair Gloss Cellophane Treatment

Hair cellophane treatment is a kind of conditioning treatment which is protein-based. It is a clear-gloss color designed to smooth the hair and add shine on order for it to look healthy, silky and soft.

Although hair cellophane treatments can be either colored or clear, they are also used after another salon treatment such as curling and straightening.

These treatments can be used on any hair type or texture and they are mainly used because they condition hair by coating the hair strands with a polymer. Your hair can have an outcome of a mirror-like gloss. This makes the hair look beautiful and healthier.

I have a problem of falling hair for sometime now. I have been told to get a  proper treatment before I get bald. When I was young, my biggest asset was my hair - oh yes - aside from my looks of course (naks!). People love my smooth and silky hair then but now, its the complete opposite. The first they notice now is my thinning and dull hair! What a pity!

I really should visit a salon soon and reclaim my hair power once again! I don't expect too much though, at least just a little bit of glamour! Perhaps get a hair gloss cellophane treatment?


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