New Hair Style

I have been planning of visiting a hair salon to have my hair done. For months - really months of planning but to no avail. There seems to more excuses to make than really pursue the earlier promise. My hair line is really getting thinner and thinner each day, a lot of my colleagues said that I am getting bald. There is some truth in that - blame it on stress! But I can't live without stress!

I really wanted to have a nice color - say burgundy or a little blonde on the side just to add glamour into my boring face already.  I have been wearing this boring hair style for ages although I made it curly in January. But its still the same old me! Boring me!

So last Sunday, I asked my helper to trim my hair and perhaps a short bangs for a change.. and here is the photo of the new ME:

Does it fit me? Oh well, I felt good so I guess it suit me well! :)


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