Look Sharp Performing One of the Most Important Jobs in Society

Look Sharp Performing One of the Most Important Jobs in Society

The job of an EMT first responder is one of the most intense and important jobs in our society. These men and women are tasked with protecting the public and saving them from danger often at a moment's notice. In full uniform and with specialized equipment in tow they take on any climate or conditions to assess and treat patients of varying injuries, illnesses or needs. And in order for an EMT responder to perform that job at their best and keep the public safe and out of danger at all times they require the best clothing and accessories. An EMT uniform is not merely an identifying feature. The parts that make it up are all integral to the on-the-job performance and can help save lives. At Blauer.com all the essential EMT accessories and apparel are available to outfit any responder with the gear they need to get the job done and look and feel good while doing it.

The EMT shirt is the base layer to the all-important uniform. It serves to protect the responder while also keeping them comfortable in any situation. The best EMT shirts are fairly basic looking but designed for maximum performance. The lightweight material is moisture-wicking to prevent sweat buildup in tough situations. And the cut is very loose so a full range of movement is possible even with bulkier uniform layers on top. Finally the higher-end shirts come with features for when the uniform jacket comes off but the job isn't done. That includes a tab for clipping a microphone for a news interview and pockets for pen and accessory storage. While EMTs could elect to wear standard t-shirts instead, these specialized EMT uniforms are designed specifically for the job they do and the conditions faced while doing it. Find many of available here.

Sometimes the work of an EMT responder will find them outdoors in some tough weather conditions. For those situations the right EMT accessories are key. People in need cannot afford to receive less-than-stellar EMT care just because the climate isn't cooperating. Accessories such as hats, gloves and protective reflective tape will make sure the EMTs full attention is on the patient and not on any discomfort. For all these accessories the best can be found here at Blauer. Hats come in wool beanie styles for winter months and highly visible neon caps for nighttime work. Gloves are insulated to keep hands warm and dry but feature individual fingers and flexible fabric for delicate work. The accessories are all designed to keep not only the EMTs safe and comfortable but also the patients they're working on.


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