Eyeliner Mistakes to Avoid

Here comes another make up tips. This time around, its all about the eyeliner. You see, I am very particular with my eyes, most of the time, I dont wear anything in the warehouse - why wear wake up? I don't meet clients anyway, I am just stucked in my desk waiting for reports to read, checks to sign. But when I go out, I always wear a lipstick and just a little retouch in my eyeliner.. thats all! Really!

Okay, enough about me, lets list down the don'ts again:

1. Don't use greasy pencils to line the eye. They smear and smudge too.

2. Don't use brightly colored eyeshadows to line the eye.

3. Don't extend the liner beyond the corner of the eye.

4. Don't make the eyeliner the most obvious part of the eye design.

5. Don't line the rim of the eye; it is messy and unhealthy for the eye not to mention out-of-date.

6. Don't use brightly colored pencils or eyeshadows to line the eye, they are distracting and unfashionable. All you'll see is the color and not your eye.

7. Don't forget to apply a small amount of eyeshadow over your eyeliner pencil to help set it.

8. Don't apply thick eyeliner to small or close set eyes.

9. Don't use eyeshadow as an eyeliner without the proper brush.




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