A Beautiful Way to Celebrate History


Collecting coins is so much fun! If you do not have the time to search for individual coins but want to give them as a gift, buy New York Times boxed sets. These amazingly preserved coins come with Certificates of Authenticity and the coins in them are not replicas. They are the coins made during the specific year of the event they commemorate. Purchase the New York Times boxed set at American Coin Treasures honoring the memory of those whose lives were lost during the sinking of the Titanic. It comes with four coins minted in 1921 including a Silver Barber Quarter, a Silver Barber Dime, a Liberty Head Nickel, and a Lincoln Wheat Ear Penny. Included in the set is an authentic replica of the New York Times' front page from April 16, 1912 reporting the disaster as well as a reproduction of the telegraph sent to the White Star Liner Olympic to tell them the Titanic was sinking. These are all in a sophisticated wood display case you can put in any room or office. Another New York Times boxed set commemorates the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. Included are two coins, the three cent nickel from 1865 and the two cent piece from either 1864 or 1865. It also features three stamps commemorating Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War. These are the 1958 4 cent Lincoln-Douglas debate stamp, the 1 Beardless Lincoln stamp from 1959 and the 5 cent Battle of Gettysburg stamp from 1963. Another way to celebrate and commemorate historical events is with a New York Times coin and stamp set. All of them feature authentic replicas of New York Times' headlines or photos and all of them are beautifully in beautiful black wall frames. There are quite a few different collections available. Get a set featuring the "Grant's Victory at Richmond" New York Times front page replica. 6 authentic coins, 1 medal and 3 United States postage stamps are displayed in a perfectly balanced way. The coins include one 2010 Lincoln Presidential Gold Dollar, a 2010 Lincoln Union Shield Penny, a Lincoln Presidential Medal and 4 Lincoln Bicentennial Pennies minted in 2009. The three stamps honor the Battle of Gettysburg, the Battle of the Wilderness, and a Beardless Lincoln. All of these and many others are available to you at reasonable prices from AmericanCoinTreasures.com. A Certificate of Authenticity comes with each one and these are the perfect gifts for coin collectors and history buffs.


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