10 Eyeshadows Mistakes to Avoid

As this blog is solely for my hair and beauty regimen, please allow me to share with you the tips I got from a book I read just a while ago:

Top 10 Eyeshadows Mistakes to Avoid:

1. Don't overcolor the eyes: too many bright colors can be distracting, not attractive.

2. Don't create hard edges on the side, you should not be able to differentiate where one color starts and another ends.

3. Don't wear bright pink eyeshadows, it will make your eyes look irritated and tired. Muted pink is another option.

4. Don't wear shiny eyeshadows of any kind, they'll make your skin look wrinkled. Not really a pleasing sight.

5. Don't wear bright and vivid eyeshadow color all over the eyelid.

6. Don't forget to apply a temple contour.

7. Don't wear bright green, bright blue, bright turquoise eyeshadow. The reason is pretictable.

8. Don't use bright white or bright color high lighter under the eyebrow bone.

9. Don't forget to knock the excess shadow off your brush before you touch the brush to your eye.

10. Don't forget to use temple contour to help soften the eyeshadows at the back of the corner of the eye.

Its not really a long list but it helps to be guided. :)



  1. I really don't know what to say since this is a girl thing but applying too much could be a turn off.

  2. Thanks for sharing this helpful tips. I may not put on make up every single day but I will bear in mind all these tips once I did.

  3. I apply eye shadows :-) usually if I have cosmetics...will give it to my niece instead coz she likes to wear make up :-) Thank you for the wonderful tips :-) It helps me learn how to apply the eye shadow properly :-)

  4. as much as i would like to follow, the problem is i don't use any makeup. For some reason, i get itch, I'm probably allergic to it or it's just that i'm not used to it. great tips though :) thanks for sharing.

  5. great tips! but it also depends on the color of your skin. i for one dont know how to apply an i shadow and what color suits me best. i usually used navy blue at night and at day time light colors .


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