The Best Faux Fashion that Looks Real: Five Examples

Fashion has always had an obsession with what's real and what's fake, and the objets d'art available from retailers like Fabulous Collections include real-world items recreated in precious metals, such as feather-shaped charms and rings.

But if you want to avoid putting the 'faux' in faux pas, what should you choose to fake it in style, and leave your audience guessing whether your outfit was false, or the real thing?

Fake Fur

Fake fur is probably the most widely accepted bit of fashion fakery, helping animal-lovers to step out in style, without facing accusations of murder - just be careful if your fake fur looks too real, as those animal activists tend not to ask too many questions before the red paint starts to fly.

Costume Jewellery

With the exception of engagement rings, nobody tends to look too closely at the jewellery you wear, and that means you can often get away with wearing costume jewellery when you're out and about. Most of the main precious stones have a costume equivalent, so look out for your favourite.

Acrylic Nails

Fake nails no longer make you look like you've got a prosthetic hand - modern acrylic options can be quite convincing, and can even come pre-printed with a nail-varnish-like design that can be applied in seconds.

Fake Leather and Animal Prints

Animal prints and faux leathers have come a long way, so there's no need to hide your hide if you're vegan, or just prefer more lightweight fake leathers to the real thing.

Put Some Prep in Your Step

It's not just your clothes that can be faked - it's your whole persona. Possibly the greatest bit of fashion fakery at the moment is the preppy, geeky look, where a tank top and thick-rimmed glasses are all it takes to make you look like a genius who's just come straight from the lecture theatre.


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