Popular Jewelry Options for Teens

Teen and young adults in this generation are a little more expressive on their choices and decisions. And they show their nature through their choices – in clothes, shoes, accessories and even in jewelries. The rock and roll era of the early 90’s has much influence on how teenagers dress up themselves and accessories. There seems to be a lot of stir on tribal, graphic and dark emotions. Scary as it may seem, many guys and gals have also opted for tattoos and piercings all over their body – for them this is art and an a true expression of their creativity.


Some of the accessories that guys and girls have preferred to express rebellion, angst and rage are spiked earrings and body rings. Jewelry plugs and ear tunnels have also grown popular over the years as some celebrity and musical icons influenced the young even more. Many adult find body piercings and wearing of body jewelry a little disturbing especially when you notice stretching on the ears due to the weight of tunnels and some wider or larger tunnel piercings.


Despite the “gross” reaction that older people have when confronted with the topic of stretching, tunneling and plugging that their kids bring up, they also can’t help but admire some artistically and uniquely crafted body jewelries. Girls will surely love cute, lovely and girly designs of plug jewelries that fits slightly stretched ears. Spencer online stores have a wide range of interesting jewelry pieces that goes well beyond the tacky and boring earrings that your grandmothers used to wear. These days, jewelry plug has evolved into the mainstream with more fashionable and bejeweled pieces. You can click here to find a wide range of plug and taper set where you can choose something that far suits your taste and personality without gaining that gross look on your stretched ears!


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