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Having and planning a wedding can be a daunting task for anyone. This is especially true in our current economical environment where everyone is trying to save in anyway possible. It can also be difficult if two individuals come from different religious sections. All this can be solved by the So Cal officiant at where not are the prices great but the services are topnotch. The officiant has had over 20 years of experience helping wed others. Also as well as having a variety of help in getting in contact with other services that one would need when getting wed.

One of the greatest things about is that one can personalize there own wedding services. This is usually not the case whether this being with a rabbi a reverend etc. This could be really helpful for anyone who is of different religious sects that are getting married and have a difficult time trying to find a theme to there wedding. The Reverend John Southwick is extremely flexible and will allow one to personalize their wedding. I think that this would make the wedding experience that much more special and memorable, to any couple and later on would look back at that date with pure fondness. If one needs other services look into the wedding services link, this area offers others services contact information. These services can be either video, photography, music and even event planning specialists. In a certain way the website can be used as a "one stop shop" for anybody trying to find multiple services, making looking for services that much easier.

Valley Orthodox Location: Burbank

This is an absolutely fantastic location if anyone is looking for a memorable wedding venue. At the Sportsmens Lodge in Burbank California the scenery is beautiful and the Reverend John Southwick has had a considerable amount of experience wedding couples. The lodge is located in the San Fernando Valley, if anyone has ever been to San Fernando the sights there are gorgeous. There is also a variety amount of accommodations that are offered to most couples such a fantastic pool and wonderful midday meals; the location is also great because there is a variety of locations one can visit nearby. This is a highly recommend services and location and if you want a truly memorable wedding, come and see here you won't be disappointed


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