Looking for the Perfect Pair of Plugs Online

Teenagers today have a stronger sense of fashion and they look at this as an expression of their thoughts, feelings and creative side. One of the most shocking that the more conservative adults have to face is having their kids’ ears pierced and stretch to a point. Grunge rock and heavy metal fashion have a very strong influence on today’s youth, but soon, tamer and more acceptable range of ear stretching and body jewelry came out.


Ear stretchers have become a favorite among teens who want to make a fashion statement with their body modification. There are different types of stretchers that you can look into. Tapers for example are cone-shaped earrings that used for gauging the ear. There are tapers designed to make other jewelry easier to insert. Many opt for creatively designed tapers such as spiral tapers because of its intricate look and made gorgeous materials.

Other popular body jewelry that young adults go for are hooks and horns made from glass, plastic and stainless steel. These are easy to put ear gauges and look really good with other silver jewelry along it. Tunnels are also used to maintain ear stretches and gauges. The most common materials for ear tunnels are glass and crafted wood. These two designs are really attractive when worn and you can find organic materials such as buffalo horn for these types of jewelry.


Among other ear stretchers, plugs are one of the most favored because they have the widest range of designs. They can be made from glass or wood and designed intricately with tribal writings or cute icons for a girly feel. There are also organic plugs made from shells, animal horns and bones and stones. If just got your ear pierced and you’re thinking of stretching it a little for a bolder sense of fashion, you can look for plugs online  and choose different ear stretchers that can suit your style.


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