11 Ways to Care for Your Hair

Your hair is your crowning glory, so it makes sense that you find ways to better care for your hair and prevent hair problems such as hair loss, dullness and dandruff. Each person has a different type of hair and keeping your locks shiny and healthy is easy and convenient with a few simple tricks. Here are some tips to help you care for your hair and grow gorgeously beautiful hair.

  1.  Understand your hair. Know your hair type and structure to find the best hairstyle and hair products that suits you best.

  2.  Decide on a hairstyle. There are so many hairstyles that goes well with normal hair types, but for frizzy and dry hair, you might want to ask the hairstylist what kind of hairstyle will minimize your hair issues while you work at addressing it.

  3.  Choose good quality hair products that are specific for your type of hair. If possible find the most gentle for your hair type to help prevent drying from constant washing.

  4.  Towel-dry hair with an absorbent towel. Do not try to rub hair when drying as this can damage hair follicles making it look brittle and dull. Just press the towel against your head for it to absorb excess water.

  5.  Massage scalp and dry shampoo every now and then. In between shampoos, cleanse your hair and scalp through vigorous rubbing to stimulate circulation. You can cover your fingertip with a piece of cloth for more comfortable rubbing.

  6.  Regularly brush hair to shake off dead skin cells from your scalp. You will also brush out hair styling products that got stuck over time. By brushing regularly, you work up the scalp and help promote healthy hair growth.

  7.  Detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb after washing. Then comb or brush slowly to avoid breaking off the strands. Avoid pulling on your hair and remember to be gentle when combing even while you’re in a hurry.

  8.  Pamper hair with hot oil treatment at least twice a month to nourish it. One of the best ways to keep your hair healthy and shiny is to replenish essential oils though hot oil treatments.

  9.  Prevent hair damage caused by the heat from blow drying hair. Apply cream or oil before using the blow dryer.

  10.   Massage your scalp for 5 minutes every night especially if you have dry hair. This will help hasten the production of hair’s natural serum which makes it moisturized and glossy.

  11.  Remember that your diet also have an effect on your hair. Have a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish your hair and stay hydrated to keep your hair from drying out as well.


Knowing the basics on taking care of your is very important to ensure that you’re doing the right thing when it comes to keeping your hair clean and healthy. It is also important to know that damage, breakage and other hair issues can affect all hair types so you must take steps in avoiding elements that can cause them. As much as you find ways to clean, you should also avoid too much exposure to heat, chemical treatments as well as other environmental factors such as wind, sun and pollution.


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