Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair

Everyone in this world, regardless of the gender, is bound to have facial hair. Although it is inevitable, having unwanted hair especially above the upper lip is really disgusting for women. So here’s a rundown list on how to get rid of your unwanted facial hair.

  1. Shaving – It’s a big NO. It creates blunt edges which makes hair appear thicker. Although it is pain-free, it can also cause razor bum.  The down side for this method is its result is extremely temporary so you would need to shave again in a matter of few days. It is only recommended for men and in removing a lot of hairs.

  2. Plucking or tweezing – With this, the hair will grow in as tender and thin as it ever was. This method can be painful though.

  3. Threading – This type of ancient hair removal is quick, generally inexpensive and can last up to six weeks. This is usually done for thicker and more obvious hair.

  4. Sugaring – It is said to be better than waxing because of the following reasons:

  • Made up of all natural ingredients and sweet but not sticky.

  • Doesn’t remove live skin cells.

  • Used lukewarm so it will not burn the skin.

  • Unlike waxing, hair is removed in the same direction it grows thus putting less strain and causing less pain.

  • It also comes in handy even in the more sensitive parts of the body.

  1. Waxing – Gives longer result but can cause pain, extreme redness, scabs or burns.

  2. Using a Depilatory cream – A depilatory cream is a strong alkaline product that breaks down hair. It is a fast and easy way to remove your unwanted hair but it has a short-lived result. Also, the cream has a smell and can burn your skin.

  3. Laser treatments – Results are better but can be expensive and may require repeat visits.

  4. Electrolysis – This treatment is expensive and can be painful but it gives the most permanent result.

Just remember to be precautious and weigh the pros and cons of whichever method you want to try.


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