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The Blauer Company can proudly boast of over 75 years of providing serious protection to professionals in the public safety fields, including fire, EMS, and Law enforcement. Their superb line of professional clothing provides reliable protection in a total of three ways.

• They shield one from the elements that both their occupation and nature presents to them.

• They portray a look of authority to those around them

• They provide protection from the threat of on the job accidents

The number one thing you will get from Blauer is high quality garments. Blauer’s high standards of construction and use of optimum materials provide products that are built to last. They’ll survive the toughest tests of wind, rain, snow, and cold. Bauer’s certified PPE clothing lives up to the needs of law enforcement personal against today’s top threats, including terrorists. They even carry a line of chembio garments. All of this comes with a professional appearance that commands the respect deserved from others.

Blauer has a large selection of police wear, including a variety of shirts, pants, outer wear, mid-layers, base-layers, safety vests, and accessories. Each item is offered in Navy, Dark Navy, Brown, Black, and Gray. Size is not a problem when dealing with Blauer. Their clothing items come as small as XS, and they go all the way up to 7XL.

Blauer’s garments for Fire and EMS workers run along the same lines as the police clothing. All made of top quality materials and excellent construction, you can get outer wear, shirts, pants, mid and base layers, and accessories items. These also come in the same wide range of colors and sizes as the law enforcement ones.

Blauer even carries a line of uniform T-shirts, for when a full uniform is not necessary. These are offered in a variety of colors and sizes, with many different graphics.

Visit to view their full line of tactical clothes. You are sure to find exactly what you need, with the durability and protection your job demands. While there check out the outlet store for some great bargains. You are also able to order catalogs.


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