English Mad Men

American television shows are becoming cooler and slicker than ever and as more and more are broadcast on our side of the pond there is a new appreciation of a rising influence within fashion. From Scorsese's feast for the eyes 'Boardwalk Empire' to the cult hit 'Mad Men', the influence on fine tailoring for men is just as dramatic as the plot lines. Although 'Mad Men' is set in a decade seemingly far from our own, the characters exude a sleek and sexy look that is utterly timeless. The suits may not be particularly exotic but it is the quality and cut of the suit that says more about the man wearing it.


The trend in a nutshell is a dark suit, paler shirt and unique accessory (a tie, or if you are feeling particularly adventurous a bow-tie) that suits you and your colouring. Get yourself some fitted shirts that you can pair with either a charcoal, black or navy suit, slick back your hair and watch the look come together. Mad Men fashion isn't about skinny trousers or slim fit feminine shirts but traditionally cut garments for traditional gentlemen. By keeping it simple with either a white or cream shirt you can ingest a little personality into your men's accessories; still keep it dapper and masculine choosing dark earthy colours like Crombie's chocolate or navy ties.



 Crombie is a British company trading for more than two hundred years and has mastered men's formal suits to an exquisite quality. Their classic fit suits in stunning black or navy wools are flawlessly constructed and are the basis of nailing the dapper 'Mad Men' look. In a time where fashion cultures quickly filter through to high street stores, any Joe Bloggs can attempt a retro gentleman look though they may end up a bit more like a Branning Brother than a suave Don. This is exactly why trusting a brand like Crombie to supply you with a top-class suit will make you feel like a true gentleman on the inside and out.


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