6 Easy Steps To Face-Enchanting Eyebrows

Our eyebrows are one of our major facial features. Aside from playing a very essential role for the protection of our eyes from dust, dirt and moisture, they also accentuate the shapes our faces, define our eyes and strengthen or sharpen our facial expressions. Eyebrows can make or break your entire look. Thus, it is very important to have them beautifully-shaped to achieve that kind of look you desire.

Eyebrow shaping has been common for centuries now. In fact, the cosmetic industry had already developed ways to correct or modify the eyebrows. And now, with just one stop at a beauty salon, you will already have eyebrows done in few minutes. But, if you want to do it yourself, follow these simple steps:

  1. Get your eyebrows to the perfect length.

  2. Find out where to start shaping.

  3. Find out the eyebrow arch.

  4. Find out the eyebrow ends.

  5. Draw the outline or your eyebrows.

  6. Thread the eyebrow hairs or tweeze them along your drawn outline.


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Even though our eyebrows seem insignificant at times, it still does make a huge difference. So when shaping your eyebrows, keep in mind these few tips:

  1. Don’t go for too thick and too thin eyebrows. Either way will grab people’s attention in a negative way.

  2. Tattooed or pencil eyebrows may look good but a natural one is always better.

Happy plucking!


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