Unique and Fabulous Reading Glasses


If you reach for a pair of reader glasses several times throughout the day you want a pair that looks great and is made of high quality materials. Reading glasses are important for reducing eye strain and fatigue so you should invest in a pair that will provide you with the service you demand. There’s no reason to purchase anything less than a quality pair of glasses that will accent your face with stylish good looks.

Look for glasses that are constructed with the best materials available at an affordable price. At MelissaEyewear we design our own styles and then use optical grade glass and frames that provide you with the best vision possible. Our high standards of construction mean you can have an optician put your own prescription lenses into our frames.

Our readings come in many styles so you can find a pair that is your best accessory. Retro cat eye frames, classic squares and the ever-popular oval are just a few of the frame shapes we offer. Fabulous colors, rhinestones and temple piece designs make our glasses stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary, we even import frames from France and Italy. These styles sport highly unique shape and color combinations. Click here to see these frames.

In addition to a pair of readers a lorgnette adds a certain fashion cachet to any outfit. Lorgnettes are either handheld or placed on a chain allowing you access to them without having to wear them constantly. Elegant and very retro these glasses are reminiscent of a by-gone era. Our lorgnettes have round or cat eye lenses and either rhinestone embellished handles or classic chains. This is the eyewear for anyone who wishes to be classically chic. Lorgnettes can be seen here.

Readers are a staple of life for many people. Plain, average glasses abound but there’s no reason you need to be average. Find a pair that’s as unique as you and that reflects your style and personality. Fun or flirty, studious or sexy there’s a pair of fashion eyewear just for you.


  1. People that have eyesight problems can attest to the importance of reading glasses and prescription glasses. My husband has more than five reading glasses and he still wants more. He wants to have it everywhere in the house for convenience. I, on the other hand I only have one prescription glasses and one prescription sunglasses. It's really hard and I always make sure that I will not leave it at home or else I will have a problem.

  2. i only have one pair actually and i use it for when I am using my computer. actually I resent it because i have 20-20 vision except for astigmatism. kaya one is enough hehe


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