Supermodel Linda Evangelista Fight For Childs Right

Supermodel Linda Evangelista dressed in court in a tailored black skirt, dark glasses and her Louboutin high heels to fight for her 5 year old child's right from his father, Francois Henri Pinault. The man behind the luxurious brands Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. He is considered one of the wealthiest man in France. Forbes recently estimated his family's net worth at $13 billion.

She is seeking a child support a whooping $46,000 per month including a 24 hour nanny, a driver and a bodyguard. Wow! Thats surely a handsome amount of money, even noted that it could be the most expensive child support in history. If its granted, then she can buy with a click of a finger tip some Wilmington nc homes for sale.


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