Fresh Looking Makeup Under the Summer Sun

Summer brings a lot of fun and pleasure, but for many women, it also means messy and melting makeup which can ruin a perfect summer day. Once summer officially comes in, changes in makeup choices and style should be one of your top considerations. If you used to do smoky cat eye make ups, you have to rethink about it and turn your attention to light, simple and comfortable wear similar to the comfort of wearing your old jeans and flip-flops.

During summer, heat and humidity are a great challenge. There are many ways and tips to help you come up with fresh and pretty looking makeup even when the weather seems to be working against you. Top on the list is to use lighter makeup colors and applying makeup sparingly.

Just as you opt for more breezy apparel such as linen dresses and skirts, go for lighter shades and apply less makeup for a matte and fresh looking face. Use tinted moisturizers instead of your usual foundation. They look and feel lighter on your skin and are less likely to cake up with the heat. You can also go for moisturizers with sun protection and just brush over power foundation where extra coverage is needed. Go low on your eye makeup and simply choose solid earth colors. Peach and apricot are great choices for looking cool and fresh with your blush.


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